For Global Travel and Middle East markets and a target audience of legal drinking age to 29 year old, male and female. They enjoy hanging out with friends, sports, travelling, movies, gadgets and music. They view Smirnoff® as a well known, decent, “middle of the road” brand that’s affordable and also easily available – a “safe choice” but not particularly unique. Vodka is also not necessarily their first drink of choice.

The campaign targeted shoppers who travel and are open to discover something new. The campaign uses the serve colour and fruit to enhance the premix taste.

The designs were developed, finalised and deployed along with the toolkit document. Particular attention was paid to the setting up and adapting for end markets. An interactive toolkit document was produced to demonstrate how each key design works.

31515_Smirnoff_Flavours_Toolkit_F12_HQ_Page_14 31515_Smirnoff_Flavours_Toolkit_F12_HQ_Page_54 31515_Smirnoff_Flavours_Toolkit_F12_HQ_Page_53 31515_Smirnoff_Flavours_Toolkit_F12_HQ_Page_52 31515_Smirnoff_Flavours_Toolkit_F12_HQ_Page_51 31515_Smirnoff_Flavours_Toolkit_F12_HQ_Page_45 31515_Smirnoff_Flavours_Toolkit_F12_HQ_Page_42 31515_Smirnoff_Flavours_Toolkit_F12_HQ_Page_39 31515_Smirnoff_Flavours_Toolkit_F12_HQ_Page_23 31515_Smirnoff_Flavours_Toolkit_F12_HQ_Page_20 31515_Smirnoff_Flavours_Toolkit_F12_HQ_Page_19 31515_Smirnoff_Flavours_Toolkit_F12_HQ_Page_16